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'true gold'

TreeTrunkTables was established in 2001 in the Netherlands and introduced as a unique table concept on the furniture market. Every tabletop is made out of one single slab - literally a slice of the tree - and as wide as possible, up to 270 cm. By doing so, the beauty of the grain is maximalized and often landscapes seem to arise in holographic surfaces of the tables.

All tables are solely made from Swamp Kauri, at least 3,000 years old timber excavated from swamps in New Zealand.

We hope you have a pleasant time reading, watching and discovering all the fascinating facts and beauty of Swamp Kauri, a true treasure of nature.


Every project - large or small - is unique and always has its own distinguishing features. We invest a lot of time and care in the finished product. The best lacquers are used, and for the SS frames we are also using the best companies for cutting and welding the plate material and for polishing.

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From swamp to slab

The timber that we use for our tables is special. Very special indeed. Maybe you own antique furniture. Perhaps even a cupboard of a few hundred years old. But sitting at these tables, you are in direct contact with the age of the mammoths, so to speak. And when you receive guests at your table, you will certainly have a unique story to tell. A story that began about 35,000 years ago...

View the video about how we get the most beautifull and oldest wood on the planet or read more about Swamp Kauri wood.

Only the best Quality

From the very start of TreeTrunkTables, we have been using swamp Kauri of various ages. In the beginning we used a lot of swamp Kauri of 45,000 to even 55,000 years of age. Unfortunately, we found that a significant part of this production was returned to us as a result of shortcomings in the material.

We therefore made the conscious decision not to use this anymore. In the following years we used a lot of material of 30,000 to 35,000 years of age, until these sources were almost depleted. These days we are only processing the youngest and most stable material of 3,000 to 12,000 years of age. We like to say 'It is as good as 'bush' Kauri'!

Limited supply

Since the earthquakes in Christchurch during 2010 it has become impossible to export Swamp Kauri from New Zealand. We still have some slabs on stock. These are the last to have so order your table now!

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Boardroom table

Swamp Kauri lumber and veneer

We also sell lumber and veneer for your own Swamp Kauri projects. Please contact us for prices and availability.

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