The magnificent Kauri tree

The Kauri is the largest type of tree in New-Zealand. It is a coniferous tree growing in the subtropical part of Oceania. Forefathers of the Kauri were already growing in the Jurassic period from 190 to 135 million years ago. The Kauri forests are some of the oldest in the world. The largest living Kauri in New-Zealand is Tane Mahuta, Maori for "Lord of the forest".

The Tane Mahuta has a diameter of 4,4 metres, and the first branch starts at 17,7 metres. This is characteristic of the Kauri Tree: a long straight trunk with branches starting at a high level, up to 30 metres in height!

A unique story

The timber that we use for our tables is special. Very special indeed. Maybe you own antique furniture. Perhaps even a cupboard of a few hundred years old. But sitting at these tables, you are in direct contact with the age of the mammoths, so to speak. And when you receive guests at your table, you will certainly have a unique story to tell. A story that began about 35,000 years ago...

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