Specifications and sizes

We can make tables out of one piece up to lengths of 6 metres and widths up to 270 cm. Planks of these sizes are often sawn at a thickness of 120 mm. The wider the plank, the thicker it will be sawn, as it would otherwise break under its own weight.

cellular structure

Due to the age of the timber, the elastic cellular structure is more porous than that of newly milled timber. Therefore, a good support of the tabletop in both length and width is required.

Technical data of Kauri timber

The density of Kauri at a moisture percentage of 12% is 560 kg/m3. Kauri belongs to the category of coniferous timber. The drying time in open air is 25 mm per 6 to12 months, and 50 mm requires about 16 months. A plank of 90 mm will be lying on slates for at least 2 years, and planks with a thickness of 120 mm certainly require 3 years.

When the moisture percentage is dropped to 17%, the planks can be placed in a drying room for another few months. The first 12 months are crucial for the drying process, during that time cracks might appear, after that the timber is very stable in spite of its age.