Unique works of art

Every project - large or small - is unique and always has its own distinguishing features. We invest a lot of time and care in the finished product. The best lacquers are used, and for the SS frames we are also using the best companies for cutting and welding the plate material and for polishing.

Tabletops of one single plank

The unique table concept was extended by sawing wider planks and therefore offer wider and larger tables. By now we have maximum widths up to 270 cm. Lengths vary, as not every trunk has the quality that is required to saw off a length of 6 metres.

Only the best of the best timber


From the very start of TreeTrunkTables, we have been using swamp Kauri of various ages. In the beginning we used a lot of swamp Kauri of 45,000 to even 55,000 years of age. Unfortunately, we found that a significant part of this production was returned to us as a result of shortcomings in the material. We therefore made the conscious decision not to use this anymore. In the following years we used a lot of material of 30,000 to 35,000 years of age, until these sources were almost depleted. These days we are only processing the youngest and most stable material of 3,000 to 6,000 years of age.

The older the material, the larger the risk

The greatest benefit is that the cell structure has not yet been completely decayed, as is the case with a lot of the old material (30,000 to 45,000 years of age). Our material is close to the superior quality of 'bush' Kauri (newly sawn Kauri). We always recommend not to make pieces of furniture of material that is older than 6,000 years. Large and wide planks/tabletops in particular carry a great risk.

Remarkable 'holographic' grain patterns

Each plank has a different colour and grain pattern. The colours vary from golden-brown to dark green, depending on the tree juices that affect the chemical colouring process. As a result, each plank has a unique, almost 'holographic' grain structure.

Perfect finishing

After the top is polished, it will finally be lacquered with high-grade lacquer consisting of 2 components. Depending on the open or closed grain, this lacquer is applied in 4 to 10 layers. This can be done in matt, silky gloss or high-gloss. After applying the lacquer, the tabletop will be left to harden for at least 7 days. All in all, the production of a tabletop will take at least one and a half month. When you finally walk around the table and the incidence of light changes, you will see the grain move, similar to the fur of an animal.

Elegant and solid constructions

In order to carry the weight of the tabletop, we must decide for each table which carrying construction is required. Apart from standard designs we are also always working on new designs to make the most beautiful tables in the world. In these designs we try to keep these constructions out of sight as much as possible. We also try to make the solid tabletop look as light as possible.

The combination of stainless steel and Swamp Kauri emphasizes the contrast with the unique wide plank. The stainless steel constructions can be finished in several ways, from a pearled to a polished finishing. Built up from existing sleeve structures, or with round, elegant shapes. Whatever shape you choose, it is always made to measure!

Proof of age

Your table is also supplied with a "Certificate of age". This certificate is proof of the exact age of your table. This dating is made on the basis of a sample of wood from the plank you selected, and is performed by means of the carbon (C14) method. The test takes place at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. An official document of this C14 research result will be included with your table.

Logistics and delivery

All projects are budgeted 'ex-works'. Some of our customers have their own transport facilities, for other customers we will gladly arrange this for them. The transport costs are always calculated separately.

We work with various logistics companies. In New Zealand, they are United Carriers and DSV Sea freight and logistics and in the Netherlands they are Repko Kuhlman Shipping and De Vlas Transporten.

Deliveries will only take place after the remaining sum of the order has been received on one of our bank accounts.